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50 Players and Monsters Traps: Secret Tips and Tricks Your Friends Might Not Have Known; Suggestions and Advanced Traps;Unofficial Minecraft Player’s Guide;Ultimate Survival Guide; (English Edition)

In this Traps book you will find –

Griefer Test

One-way Portal

Music Puzzle Trap

Rail Service Terminates

Build the Rail

Cactus Maze

Cactus Maze False Exit

Lava in Wall

Fill the Pit

Water Maze

Create Drops

Pressure Plates

Iron Door

Elevator to Nowhere

Musical Death Chamber

Corner Pillars


Simplest Sticky Piston Trap

Sticky Piston Death Pit

Fill Pit with Lava

Sticky Piston Tunnel Trap

Floor Piston Trap

Piston False Ceiling Trap

Lava False Ceiling Trap

Easy Piston Cliff Toss

Easy Chest Trap

Advance Chest Trap

Tripwire Traps

Monsters Traps

Alarm System

Fill Gravel

Tread Carefully Maze

Engaging Puzzle

Complex Maze

Iron Door Trap

Hell Mud Trap

Redstone Line

Rail Track Trap

Underwater Entrance Trap

Stone Corridor Trap

Drowning Booth

Musical Madness

Zombie Apocalypse


This is an unofficial player’s guide. It is not associated with, approved, or endorsed by Minecraft or MojangAB.


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Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-532–and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Microsoft Azure solution development. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.

Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:
Design and implement Websites Create and manage Virtual Machines Design and implement Cloud Services Design and implement a storage strategy Manage application and network services
This Microsoft Exam Ref:
Organizes its coverage by exam objectives Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you Will be valuable for Microsoft Azure developers, solution architects, DevOps engineers, and QA engineers Assumes you have experience designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions and that you are proficient with tools, techniques, and approaches for building scalable, resilient solutions Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
About the Exam
Exam 70-532 focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to develop Microsoft Azure solutions that include websites, virtual machines, cloud services, storage, application services, and network services.

About Microsoft Certification
Passing this exam earns you a Microsoft Specialist certification in Microsoft Azure, demonstrating your expertise with the Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud platform.

You can earn this certification by passing Exam 70-532, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions; or Exam 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions; or Exam 70-534, Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.


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50 Advanced Traps : Ultimate Survival Guide;Tutorial with Secret Tips and Tricks You Might Not Have Known; Suggestions for Players and Monsters Traps;Unofficial … Minecraft Player’s Guide (English Edition)

In this Minecraft Traps book you will find –

1) Traps for Killing Monsters and Players

2) Home Defense

Lava moat

Cactus moat

Sign tunnel

Zombie trap

Water current trap

Advanced water current trap

Atlantis trap

Fill a moat with water

Create a 2×2 hole at least three blocks deep

Dig a trench at least five blocks deep

Dig a trench one block wide

Dig a 5×5 square one block deep

3) Fun with TNT

Explosive sand trap

Fishing pond trap

Iron door trap

Tree landmine

Controlled explosion

Dig a hole at least three blocks deep

Dig one block down in a cross formation

4) Trapping Fellow Players

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Secret passage to nowhere

One-way chamber

Deadly scavenger hunt

The doom lever

The fake pool

Advanced fake pool

Killer Greed

Griefer decoy

Spawner trap

Always look up

False door

Chest trap

Met with an arrow

5) Miscellaneous Meanness

Bed trap

Last ride

Double-door horror

Technological Traps

Arrow trap

Rain of arrows

Fire arrows

Knockback trap

Lava ceiling

Chicken trap

Simple repeater

Flaming arrow death trap

Hidden creeper trap

Poison variant

Trip wire variant

Trapped chest variant

6) PvP Aggression


Cannon variant

Supersize cannon


This is an unofficial player’s guide. It is not associated with, approved, or endorsed by Minecraft or MojangAB.


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Mastering Dropbox with Useful Tips and Apps (English Edition)

Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage and file synchronization service that has gained popularity because of its simplicity and feature set. What many people don’t know is that apart from simple file storage and file syncing, Dropbox can do many more things.

What makes Dropbox amazing is the vast number of useful applications that integrates with the service and extends its functionality. This book teaches you how to get most out of your Dropbox account?

This book teaches you:

Apart from teaching you the basics on how to use the Dropbox program on your computer and the web, this book also covers many different third-party apps that integrate with Dropbox. For example:

— Do you know that you can send a file directly to your Dropbox Account via email?

— Do you know that you can play music directly from your Dropbox Account by using just a web browser?

— Do you know that you can take your entire eBook library with you by using Dropbox?

— And much more

This is just the beginning! This book is a collection of many such undiscovered tips and applications (apps) that are incredibly useful for personal as well as business users. If used well, these tips can enhance productivity and let’s you do more with Dropbox.


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